Point Style Dialog Box
 Menu:  FormatPoint StyleNot available in menus in the current workspace.
 Command entry: ddptype (or 'ddptype for transparent use)

Shows the current point style and size. Change the point style by selecting an icon.

Point Display Images

Specifies the image used to display point objects. The point style is stored in the PDMODE system variable.

Point Size

Sets the point display size. The value you enter can be relative to the screen or in absolute units. The point display size is stored in the PDSIZE system variable. Subsequent point objects that you draw use the new value.

Set Size Relative to Screen

Sets the point display size as a percentage of the screen size. The point display does not change when you zoom in or out.

Set Size in Absolute Units

Sets the point display size as the actual units you specify under Point Size. Points are displayed larger or smaller when you zoom in or out.