Creates a new DWG file with all AEC objects exploded.

 Command entry: -exporttoautocad or aectoacad

Export options [ Format/ Bind/ bind Type/ Maintain/ Prefix/ Suffix/ ?] < Enter for filename>: Enter an option or press Enter to specify a file name

You can create a new version of a drawing file with all proxy AEC objects exploded into basic AutoCAD objects. The new version of the drawing loses the intelligence of the custom AEC objects, but the resulting basic objects can be displayed and accessed in earlier versions of AutoCAD when object enablers are not available for those versions.

NoteAny subsequent changes you make to this new drawing file do not affect the original drawing file.

Enter for Filename

Creates a new drawing file with the specified name.

NoteYou can use the Prefix option to create a unique file name for this drawing and to prevent overwriting the existing drawing file.

Export drawing name <current>: Enter a file name


Determines the drawing file format for the resulting drawing file.

Enter file format [r14/2000/2004/2007] <2007>: Specify the drawing file format


Determines how xrefs are treated when creating the new drawing.

Bind xrefs [Yes/No] <Yes>: Enter y or n


Binds all xrefs to the drawing. Layers and other xref-dependent named objects are merged into the new drawing.


Maintains the xrefs as links to other drawings.

Bind Type

Determines how xref-dependent objects are treated when the Bind option is turned on.

Bind type [Bind/Insert] <Insert>: Enter an option


Maintains the names of layers and other xref-dependent objects when binding xrefs.


Merges the names of xref-dependent objects into the new drawing without including the original file name.


Determines how blocks within custom AEC objects are treated.

Maintain resolved properties [Yes/No] <Yes>: Enter y or n


Explodes all block instances within custom AEC objects into basic AutoCAD objects. The resulting basic objects revert to their original properties rather than the properties of the block definitions.


Does not explode any block instances within custom AEC objects. The properties of the block instances are determined in the usual way, depending on how the objects in the blocks were created and the property settings of the layers on which the blocks are inserted.


Specifies the prefix to be added to the current drawing file name.

Filename prefix <>: Enter the characters to be added to the beginning of the current file name


Specifies the suffix to be added to the current drawing file name.

Filename suffix <>: Enter the characters to be added to the end of the file name

? List Settings

Lists the current settings for the command.

File format: current setting

Bind xrefs: current setting

Bind type: current setting

Filename prefix: current setting

Filename suffix: current setting