Load an Assembly into AutoCAD

Once a solution and project are created, a namespace and class are defined, and one or more command or AutoLISP® function structures are implemented, you can use the NETLOAD command to load a .NET assembly into AutoCAD.

Use the Debug Environment

Prior to loading a .NET assembly, you should determine if you need to use the Debug environment of Microsoft Visual Studio to test any logic defined in the procedures and functions you might have created. The Debug envioronment allows you to step through the code in the .NET assembly as it is being executed in real-time. As the code is being executed, you are able to check the values of variables and watch which logic paths of the program are executed.

For more information on using the Debug environment, see the documentation that comes with your development environment.


To load a .NET Assembly through Debug Mode in AutoCAD
To load a .NET assembly in AutoCAD with NETLOAD