Collection Objects

A collection is a type of object that contains many instances of similar objects. The following list contains some of the collection objects that are found in the AutoCAD .NET API:

Block Table Record

Contains all entities within a specific block definition.

Block Table

Contains all blocks in the drawing.

Named Objects Dictionary

Contains all dictionaries in the drawing.

Dimension Style Table

Contains all dimension styles in the drawing.

Document Collection

Contains all open drawings in the current session.

File Dependency Collection

Contains all items in the File Dependency List.

Group Dictionary

Contains all groups in the drawing.

Hyperlink Collection

Contains all hyperlinks for a given entity.

Layer Table

Contains all layers in the drawing.

Layout Dictionary

Contains all layouts in the drawing.

Linetype Table

Contains all linetypes in the drawing.

MenuBar Collection

Contains all menus currently displayed in AutoCAD.

MenuGroup Collection

Contains all customization groups currently loaded in AutoCAD. A customization group represents a loaded CUIx file which can contain menus, toolbars, and ribbon tabs among other elements that define the user interface.

Plot Configuration Dictionary

Contains named plot settings in the drawing.

Registered Application Table

Contains all registered applications in the drawing.

Text Style Table

Contains all text styles in the drawing.

UCS Table

Contains all user coordinate systems (UCS's) in the drawing.

View Table

Contains all views in the drawing.

Viewport Table

Contains all viewports in the drawing.