Move from reference to reference

Concept Procedure Quick Reference


Surfs to related references of an item you select.

 Ribbon:  Project tab Other Tools panel Surfer drop-down Surfer. Does not exist on the ribbon.
 Toolbar: Main Electrical 2
 Menu:  Projects Surfer Does not exist in the menus.
 Command entry:  AESURF

Moves from reference to reference across the project drawing set. You can surf on a component tag, catalog number, wire number, item number, or a report table cell containing any of these types of values. Surf a wire network following source and destination signals.

When surfing on a table inserted by the Terminal Strip Editor, you can select the title cell to surf on the Tagstrip value even if the Tagstrip is not included in the title. If you select a cell that is not surfable (such as the Tag, Catalog, or Wire Number cell) the Tagstrip value is surfed for the terminal strip.


Your dialog box can differ depending on whether you are moving from reference to reference across the project drawing set or looking for problems related to wire signal source or destination codes.

When surfing for source or destination signals, the Surf dialog box displays the type (Src or Dst), sheet/reference value and description.

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Displays the extra non-Installation/Location matching references when in Combined Installation/Location tag mode. If unselected, only the exact surf matches display in the list.


Unavailable if there are not any non-Installation/Location matching references or if you are not in Combined Installation/Location tag mode.


changes on the active drawing visible to the surfing tool.


Edits a reference using the Insert/Edit Component dialog box.

Catalog Check

Displays a BOM listing of the highlighted reference.


The reference must have catalog and manufacturer values.


Moves the view in the active viewport.

Zoom Save

Saves the current zoom factor on the WD_M block.

Zoom In

Increases the apparent magnification of the drawing area. The zoom factor is related to the smaller of the active default dimension text size of the drawing (DIMTXT) and text size (TEXTSIZE). The smaller this value is, the closer the zoom is on the reference.


Delete the instance that is currently displayed.


Child and other related devices are not deleted.

Pick New List

Changes the component terminal or signal reference you want to surf.

Zoom Out

Reduces the apparent magnification of the drawing area.

Go to

Goes directly to the reference of the highlighted entry.

Special codes in the surf list box