Overview of Shortcut Keys
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Shortcut keys are key combinations that start commands. For example, you can press Ctrl+O to open a file and Ctrl+S to save a file, which is the same as clicking Open and Save on the Quick Access toolbar or File menu.

To create a shortcut key, you start by dragging a command from the Commands List pane to the Shortcut Keys node in the Customizations In <file name> pane. Once you create a shortcut key, you assign a key combination to it.

The following table shows the properties of the Save shortcut key as they appear in the Properties pane.

Properties for the Save Shortcut Key

Properties pane item




String that is only used in the CUI Editor and is not displayed in the user interface.



Text used to describe the element; does not appear in the user interface.

Saves the current drawing

Extended Help File

Displays the file name and ID for the extended tooltip that is displayed when the cursor hovers over a toolbar or panel button.


Command Display Name

String that contains the name of the command that is related to the command.



The command macro. It follows the standard macro syntax.



Specifies the keystroke combination that is used to execute the macro. Click the [] button to open the Shortcut Keys dialog box.



Keywords associated to a command. Tags provide an additional field to search in the application menu.


Element ID

Tag that uniquely identifies a command.


NoteA shortcut key inherits its properties from the command that is used to create it.
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