Set Project Folder


Command entry: Application menu Manage Set Project Folder
Command entry: Quick Access toolbar (Project Folder)

The project folder provides a simple way of keeping all of your files organized for a particular project.

The first time you start 3ds Max, the default project folder is your local /3dsmax folder. The path for this depends on which operating system you use:

You can use Set Project Folder to specify a different location. You can also set the project folder from the Asset Tracking Dialog Paths menu.

When you set the project folder, 3ds Max automatically creates a series of folders within it such as scenes and renderoutput. Saving or opening files from the browser uses this location by default. Using a consistent project folder structure among team members is good practice for both organizing and sharing files.

When you set the project folder, 3ds Max might display a warning that some file paths are no longer valid. If the scenes you are working on belong to the project you have chosen, it is safe to disregard this warning.

TipIf you have done scene work in the current 3ds Max session before you set the project folder, then it is a good idea to choose Application menu Reset before you open a new scene. Otherwise, the Open command defaults to the folder where the previous scene was saved. After Reset, the Open command defaults to the \scenes folder of the current project.

3ds Max creates an MXP file (see Configure User Paths) with various paths that pertain to the project folder, and stores it in the folder you have chosen.

NoteAmong the files installed along with 3ds Max are a number of material libraries as well as maps used by these libraries. These files are placed by default in the program folder, in the \materiallibraries and \maps subpaths, respectively. Should you wish to use any of the material libraries in a project, we recommend that you copy the library files into the project \materiallibraries folder. Also, if necessary, use the External Path Configuration feature to add the \maps path along with its subpaths (turn on Add Subpaths when adding the \maps path).


To set the project folder:

  1. Do one of the following:
    • Click Project Folder on the Quick Access toolbar.
    • Choose Application menu Manage Set Project Folder.
  2. Choose a path from the browser and click OK to set your project folder.


Use the browser controls to navigate the disk structure to the project folder to use, highlight the folder name, and then click OK.

Make New Folder

Click this to create a folder named New Folder within the highlighted folder. When first created, the folder name is highlighted so that you can edit it; use the keyboard to rename the folder, or press Enter to accept the default name.

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