Interface: autosave


This interface provides access to the Auto Backup functionality.

Available in 3ds Max 9 and higher.


autosave.Enable : boolean : Read|Write 	 

Get/Set the Auto-Backup enabled state. Equivalent to the System Global variable autobackup.enabled .


autosave.NumberOfFiles : integer : Read|Write   

Get/Set the number of Auto-Backup files. Possible values are between 1 and 99.


autosave.Interval : float : Read|Write 

Get/Set the Auto-Backup interval in minutes.


autosave.filename : string : Read|Write 

Get/Set the Auto-Backup filename as a string. Default is "AutoBackup".




Resets the Auto-Backup timer. After the rest, the next save will occur after the number of minutes specifed by the .interval property.



Returns true if the Auto-Backup is currently saving, false otherwise.