Extension for Autodesk 3ds Max 2013


Welcome to the Extension for Autodesk ® 3ds Max ® 2013. This software augments the power and flexibility of the Particle Flow system, enabling artists to create more sophisticated, realistic, and customized physical simulations in less time. The MassFX mParticles and Advanced Data Manipulation feature sets are exclusively available to customers on active Autodesk Subscription for the Autodesk® 3ds Max® Entertainment Creation Suite Premium 2013 or Autodesk® 3ds Max® Entertainment Creation Suite Standard 2013, or the Autodesk® Entertainment Creation Suite Ultimate 2013; the Cache Disk and Cache Selective feature sets are available to all 3ds Max customers on active Subscription.

MassFX mParticles

Create particle simulations that replicate real-world effects with the new mParticles module for the MassFX system of simulation solvers. Extending the existing Particle Flow system, mParticles provides artists with operators and tests that enable them to simulate natural and manmade forces, create and break bonds between particles, and collide particles with each other and with other objects. With Birth operators optimized for MassFX simulations, a preset flow for easier initial setup, and two easy-to-use modifiers that enable particles to affect standard mesh objects, mParticles helps artists create stunning simulations with less effort. And, by taking advantage of the multi-threaded PhysX™ simulation engine from NVIDIA®, mParticles helps increase artist productivity.

For details, see Particle Flow Simulation.

Advanced Data Manipulation

Create customized Particle Flow tools with the new Advanced Data Manipulation toolset. Motion graphics artists and visual effects specialists can now create their own event-driven data operators and save results as presets, or as standard actions in the Particle View depot. With the new versatile, easy-to-use Particle Flow advanced visual editor, artists can combine up to 27 different suboperators to create a huge variety of Particle Flow toolsets purpose-built to meet the specialized requirements of individual productions.

Cache Disk and Cache Selective

Work more efficiently with two new Cache operators for the versatile Particle Flow toolset. The new Cache Disk operator offers the ability to precalculate and store Particle Flow simulations on the hard disk, separate from the 3ds Max scene file, helping artists to iterate faster. The Cache Selective operator enables artists to cache only certain types of data; with it, they can select the most calculation-intensive properties of a particle system (usually the motion), precalculate these once, and then work with other particle system properties via post-cache operators (shape, size, orientation, mapping, color).

NoteThe Extension for Autodesk ® 3ds Max ® 2013 is available only to customers on active subscription for the Autodesk ® 3ds Max ® Entertainment Creation Suite Premium or Standard, or the Autodesk ® Entertainment Creation Suite Ultimate; the Cache Disk and Cache Selective feature sets are also available to all 3ds Max customers on active subscription. This software is not available to anyone else nor is it part of the base install of 3ds Max 2013. Subscription users can download this component from the Autodesk Subscription Center.

This updated version of the 3ds Max 2013 help replaces the original online help. The only change is the addition of the new content, which covers the new features in the Extension. If you're not a subscriber, feel free to peruse that material, or you can skip to the original start page or to any other page via the Contents panel on the left side.