Viewport Label Menus

Command entry:Click or right-click one of the three labels in the upper-left corner of a viewport. General Viewport Label menu, Point-Of-View (POV) Viewport Label menu, or Shading Viewport Label menu

In the upper-left corner of each viewport is a label bar that consists of three labels. Each label is a clickable shortcut menu to control viewport display.

TipIf the viewport menu label bar becomes disabled, you can restore it by refreshing the UI scheme. Use Customize menu Load Custom UI Scheme to load a different CUI file, then reload the original CUI file again. The label bar will become available after either the new or original UI scheme is loaded.
  • General Viewport Label Menu

    The General viewport label ([+]) menu provides options for overall viewport display or activation. It also gives you access to the Viewport Configuration dialog, and includes options for xView.

  • Point-Of-View (POV) Viewport Label Menu

    The Point-Of-View (POV) viewport label menu provides mainly options that change what is displayed in the viewport: the POV, and also graph editor windows you might choose to dock in a viewport. A few other options change the viewport display without changing the POV.

  • Shading Viewport Label Menu

    The Shading viewport label menu lets you choose how objects are displayed in the viewport.