Particle Flow Simulation


The Particle Flow Simulation toolset is designed to extend the power and flexibility of the standard Particle Flow system, particularly in its abilities to create sophisticated, realistic physics simulations.

Taking advantage of the powerful MassFX simulation engine included with 3ds Max, this software provides operators and tests to replicate real-world effects such as natural and man-made forces, binding particles together and then breaking the bonds, collisions between particles and with other objects, and more. Also included are several new Birth operators that are optimized for physics simulations as well as a preset flow that makes initial setup a snap. To top it all off, the Particle Flow Simulation toolkit gives you three easy-to-use modifiers that allow particles to affect standard mesh objects in mind-blowing ways.

  • Quick Start Tutorial

    When you begin learning to simulate particle physics with Particle Flow, the included preset MassFX Flow makes a good starting point.

  • Particle Flow Simulation Birth Operators

    Particle Flow Simulation includes several Birth operators specially designed for use in MassFX simulation:

  • MassFX Flow

    MassFX Flow creates a simple Particle Flow setup that is wired for MassFX simulation; just play the animation to see the physics simulation.

  • MassFX World Helper

    The MassFX World helper, also known as a driver, defines the global properties of a simulation.

  • MassFX Operators and Tests

    Included with the Extension for Autodesk 3ds Max 2013 are the following Particle Flow operators and tests:

  • Particle Flow Simulation Modifiers

    Included with the Extension for Autodesk 3ds Max 2013 are the following modifiers for use in Particle Flow simulations:

  • Particle Flow Simulation Data Suboperators

    These data suboperators work with the Advanced Data Manipulation tools for creating custom actions for use in Particle Flow simulations:

  • Customizing Particle Flow Simulation Tools

    The 3ds Max system path for plug-in configuration files contains an initialization (INI) file named ParticleFlowToolsBox2.ini. To find it, use a search tool such as the one on the Start menu in Windows 7.

  • Benchmarking a Simulation with MAXScript

    ProfileTools is a hidden interface that you can access via MAXScript. It lets you see the amount of time it takes for the MassFX engine to calculate a frame or a range in a simulation. This can help you to understand the toll imposed by certain settings in the engine, potentially leading to a better-optimized and more-versatile simulation.