Customizing Particle Flow Simulation Tools


The 3ds Max system path for plug-in configuration files contains an initialization (INI) file named ParticleFlowToolsBox2.ini. To find it, use a search tool such as the one on the Start menu in Windows 7.

This is a simple XML file that defines default parameter values. After installation this file looks like this:

    <PhysXWorld Safe_Mode_Simulation="on" Calculation_Limit="10" /> 
    <PhysX_Shape Collide_Type="0" /> 

In this default state, the file overrides two parameters in the MassFX World helper and one parameter in the MassFX Shape operator.

To override additional parameters, follow this procedure:

  1. Open the MAXScript Listener and make sure MacroRecorder Enable is on.
  2. Create a Particle Flow Simulation operator whose parameter you want to override and note the name shown in Maxscript Listener for this operator.
  3. Adjust the parameter that you want to change to the desired value and note how it is shown in Maxscript Listener.
  4. Add the data to the INI file using the same form as the records already in the file. Be sure to put the value in quotes (" ").

    For example, to make the PhysX Drag operator > Damping Factor > Linear setting on by default, add this line anywhere between the first and last lines:

     <PhysX_Drag Apply_Linear_Damping="on" />
  5. Quit 3ds Max and then restart.

    The content of the INI file is read only when 3ds Max starts; this information is then used as a possible default override.

NoteThe folder where the INI file resides depends on various factors and your 3ds Max settings. Typically it's the \plugcfg\ folder within the path specified by the Customize menu Configure System Paths System panel MaxData setting.