Point Helper

Command entry: Create panel (Helpers) Standard Object Type rollout Point
Command entry:Create menu Helpers Point

Point provides a specific location in 3D space that can be used as a reference or by other program functions.


To create a point in space:

  1. Click Point and check the type of display from the Parameters rollout.
  2. Adjust the size of the point object by using the Size spinner in the Parameters rollout. Default=20.0
  3. Left-click and drag anywhere in your scene.

    The point follows the cursor until you release the mouse button, indicating the current location of the point object.

  4. Move the cursor to where you want the point object and release the mouse button.

    The point object appears using the display setting you chose.

    You can move and rotate the point as needed using standard transformation methods.


Center Marker
Displays a small X marker at the center of the point object.
Axis Tripod
Displays a tripod axis indicating the position and orientation of the point object. The axis remains visible when the point object is no longer selected.
Displays an axis-aligned cross.
Displays a small axis-aligned box at the center of the point object.

SizeSets the size for the point object. Use this to minimize the point object, or increase its size to aid in locating it. Default=20.

Constant Screen Size
Keeps the size of the point object constant, regardless of how much you zoom in or out.
Draw On Top
Displays the point object on top of all other objects in the scene.
NoteYou can also choose to activate multiple display settings.