ViewCube Panel

Command entry:Views menu ViewCube Configure
Command entry:Right-click the ViewCube. Configure
Command entry:Views menu Viewport Configuration Viewport Configuration dialog ViewCube tab
Command entry:Click or right-click the General viewport label (“[ + ]”) . General viewport label menu ViewCube Configure ViewCube tab

These controls affect interaction with the ViewCube feature. Any changes in settings persist between sessions.


Display Options group

Show the ViewCube

Lets you choose whether to display the ViewCube in all visible viewports, or only in the active viewport.

  • In All Views
  • Only in Active View
ViewCube Size
Choose a size from the drop-down list. The choices are Tiny, Small (the default), Normal, and Large. At Tiny, the cube does not contain labels.
Inactive Opacity
Sets the opacity of the ViewCube when not in use. Choose an opacity value from the drop-down list. The choices are 0%, 25%, 50%, 75%, and 100%. At 0%, the ViewCube is visible only when the mouse cursor is over its location. At 100%, the ViewCube is solid at all times. At lower opacities, the ViewCube obscures the viewport contents to a lesser extent.

When Dragging on the ViewCube group

Snap to Closest View
When on and you drag the ViewCube to rotate the view, the viewpoint will snap to one of the fixed views when its angle is close to that of one of the fixed views.

When Clicking on the ViewCube group

These settings apply specifically to clicking the ViewCube, not dragging it.

Fit-to-View on View Change
When on, clicking the cube (face, corner, or edge) automatically zooms the view to fit the current selection. When off, no zooming is performed when clicking the cube.
Use Animated Transitions when Switching Views
When on, and you change the view by clicking the cube, the new view rotates into place. When off, the new orientation snaps into view instantly. The latter mode is faster and is recommended for experienced users, but new users should keep this switch on to stay better oriented within the scene.
Keep Scene Upright
Prevents the scene from appearing to flip over partially or fully. For example, with this off, going to the Top view and then clicking the upper edge of the ViewCube causes the scene to appear to rotate 45 degrees upside-down. But with Keep Scene Upright on, doing so simply rotates to an angled-down view.

Compass group

Show the Compass below the ViewCube
When on, displays a compass below the ViewCube for determining the view orientation in a geographic context.
Angle of North (degrees)
Lets you specify the compass orientation. For example, to rotate the compass a quarter-turn clockwise, set Angle of North to 90.0.