Particle Flow Simulation Modifiers


Included with the Extension for Autodesk 3ds Max 2013 are the following modifiers for use in Particle Flow simulations:

  • PFlow Collision Shape (WSM) Modifier

    PFlow Collision Shape is a world-space modifier (WSM) that enables standard mesh objects to participate as particle deflectors in the MassFX simulation. Usage is straightforward: Apply the modifier to all objects that should deflect particles, and then add the modified objects as deflectors to a MassFX Collision test.

  • Particle Face Creator Modifier

    Particle Face Creator is an object-space modifier that uses particle positions to hide and reveal mesh geometry. As particles move past the geometry, parts of it melt away and then reappear in a natural-looking sequence. This is a result of the modifier's ability to adjust the geometry in a way that obscures the underlying face topology.

  • Particle Skinner Modifier

    The Particle Skinner modifier allows one or more PFlow particle systems to deform the geometry of the modified object.