Display Rollout (Skin Modifier)

Command entry:Select a mesh, patch, or NURBS object. Modify panel Modifier List Object-Space Modifiers Skin Display rollout
Command entry:Select a mesh, patch, or NURBS object. Modifiers menu Animation Modifiers Skin Display rollout

Controls how Skin features appear in viewports.


Show Colored Vertices
Colors vertices in viewports according to their weights.
Show Colored Faces
Colors faces in viewports according to their weights.
Color All Weights
Assigns a color to every bone in the envelope. The vertex weighting blends the colors together.
TipYou can toggle this feature to get a global view of all weight regions across your model at once.
TipYou can also assign a color to unweighted vertices: Open the Customize User Interface dialog and, on the Colors panel, choose Skin Colors from the Elements drop-down list.
Show All Envelopes
Displays all envelopes at the same time.
Show All Vertices
Draws a small tick at every vertex. On a patch surface, it will also draw all the handles.
Show All Gizmos
Displays all the gizmos in addition to the currently selected gizmo.
Show No Envelopes
Causes no envelopes to be displayed even when an envelope is selected.
Show Hidden Vertices
When on, hidden vertices are visible. Otherwise, they remain hidden until you enable the option or go into the object's modifier (Editable Mesh or Editable Poly), and then click Unhide All on the Selection rollout or Edit Geometry rollout, respectively. Default=off.

Draw On Top group

These options determine which elements will be drawn on top of all other objects in viewports.

Cross Sections
Forces cross sections to be drawn on top.
Forces envelopes to be drawn on top.