Drawing Assistants


The tools and utilities described in this section can help with drawing and precision. The xView toolset gives you visual feedback for a variety of mesh-object metrics. The Measure Distance tool lets you quickly calculate the distance between two points. The Measure utility returns the measurements of a selected shape or 3D object. And the Rescale World Units utility rescales either a selection or an entire scene.

Access the xView submenu from the Views menu and the General ([+]) viewport label menu. Measure Distance is available from the Tools menu. Access the Measure utility and Rescale World Units from the Utilities panel.

  • xView

    xView analyzes mesh models, flags various potential problems and errors, and displays the results in the viewports both graphically and as text. Tests include isolated and overlapping vertices, open edges, various UVW statistics, and more.

  • Measuring Distances

    3ds Max provides several options for measuring various aspects of your scene. The tape, protractor and compass helpers measure distance, angles and direction respectively. The Measure utility has a floater to display various measurements of any selected object.

  • Measure Distance Tool

    The Measure Distance tool lets you quickly calculate the distance between two points, using just two clicks. The calculated distance is displayed in display units in the status bar.

  • Measure Utility

    The Measure utility provides measurements of a selected object or shape.

  • Rescale World Units Utility

    This utility rescales the world units of either the entire scene or selected objects in the scene. The Rescale World Units dialog controls scale factor and whether it is applied to the entire scene or the current selection.