Selection Sets


Objects and all Editable Poly/Mesh & Poly/Mesh Select modifier sub-object (component) selection sets are supported for export and import with the 3ds Max FBX plug-in.

Activate this option to export Selection sets. Disable this option if you do not want Selection Sets exported with your file. This option is disabled by default.

Note To avoid name clashing, the 3ds Max FBX plug-in must rename Sub-object Named Selection sets on export. This is because the 3ds Max FBX plug-in does not distinguish between edges and borders, or polygons and elements. Because borders contain edges, and elements contain polygons, FBX must identify these Sub-objects and add a suffix. For example, if you had a Sub-object Named selection set of one vertex called “OneVertex” that belonged to Box01, on export it becomes renamed “Box01_OneVertex”.

When Should I Not Do This?

Activating this option includes extra data with your scene so be certain that you need the Selection set data before you export. Exporting a scene with Selection Sets impacts file size and if Selection Sets are not required, it is good practice to keep the file size as small as possible by excluding unwanted data.