Attachment : PositionController
Attachment - superclass: PositionController; super-superclass:MAXWrapper - classID: #(-1155013103, -1490074649) 	 

Value > MAXWrapper > Controllers > PositionController > Attachment



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attachment ...   


<attachment>.keys : MAXKeyArray 

Returns the keys of the controller.


<attachment>.node : Node 

Get/set the node the controller is attaching to.


<attachment>.align : Booleandefault: true 

Fixes the orientation of the attached object to the face where it’s assigned.

When this is turned off, the orientation of the attached object is not affected by the orientation of the face on the target object.


<attachment>.manupdate : Booleandefault: false 

Enables the update button.



AttachCtrl.getKey <attachment> <index_integer> 

Returns theindexed key as a MAXAKey value (NOT MAXKey - see notes below).


AttachCtrl.addNewKey <attachment> <time> 

Returns the indexed key as a MAXAKey value (NOT MAXKey - see notes below)


AttachCtrl.update <attachment> 

Causes the controller to update if the manual update property is turned on for the attachment controller.

This method was previously broken but was fixed in 3ds Max 8.


Accessing a key of an attachment controller by indexing into the.keysproperty will return a MAXKey value. The only properties available for a key accessed in this manner are the .time and .selected properties.

Instead, you can use the AttachCtrl.getKey() method which returns a key of class MAXAKey . This class provides access to the attachment controller key specific properties. See Attachment Controller Keys for details and examples.

All the common key functions like deleteKey , selectKeys , movekeys , etc. can be used with Attachment controllers.

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