Motion Panel (Biped)

Once you have created a biped, use the Biped controls on the Motion panel to animate the biped, load and save Biped files, and fit the biped to a mesh representing your character.

Create a biped if one does not exist, and select any part of the biped to see the controls on the Motion panel.

Depending on the active mode, the Motion panel contains the following rollouts:

Assign Controller Rollout (character studio)

Biped Apps Rollout

Biped Rollout

Track Selection Rollout

Copy/Paste Rollout

Footstep Creation Rollout

Footstep Operations Rollout

Motion Flow Rollout

Mixer Rollout

Key Info Rollout

Keyframing Tools Rollout

Display group

Layers Rollout

Motion Capture Rollout

Dynamics & Adaptation Rollout

Structure Rollout