Unifying Motion

The Create Unified Motion command allows you to create one motion from a script. The entire unified motion is then available when you exit Motion Flow mode.

Create Unified Motion converts a script into a freeform unified motion. The created motion replaces animation present when the Motion Flow Mode button is turned off. This is useful if you want to make changes to the biped like raising its arms or turning its head.


Example: To create a unified motion:

  1. Create a biped.
  2. On the Biped rollout, turn on (Motion Flow Mode).
  3. On the Motion Flow rollout, click (Show Graph).

    This displays the Motion Flow Graph.

  4. On the Motion Flow rollout, click (Load File), then open an MFE file.
  5. Click (Create Unified Motion).
  6. On the Biped rollout, turn off (Motion Flow Mode).
  7. Open the Layers rollout and click (Create Layer).

    A new layer is created and you see a red skeleton appear on your biped.

  8. Activate the Front viewport and turn on (Auto Key).
  9. At frame 0, select and rotate the biped's upper left arm about the Y axis.

  10. Turn off (Auto Key) and click (Play Animation).