Applying and Initializing Physique

After you have created a skin and a skeleton, and fitted the skeleton to the skin, you apply the Physique modifier to the skin.

The process entails these steps:

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To attach a mesh to a bones hierarchy using Physique:

  1. Select or create a bones hierarchy.
  2. Position the bones hierarchy inside the mesh.
    TipWhen you use a bones hierarchy with Physique, use frame 0 as your "figure mode." Don't include frame 0 in your animation. Use it as the place where you position the bones and fit them to the mesh.
  3. Select the mesh.
  4. Go to the Modify panel. Use the Modifier List to apply Physique to the mesh.
  5. Click to turn on (Attach To Node). In a viewport, pick the root bone of the bones hierarchy.

    The Physique Initialization dialog is displayed.

  6. Click Initialize, accepting the default settings.

    When you use (Attach To Node) to attach a Physique skin to a hierarchy, the Physique Initialization dialog appears.

    NoteThis dialog also appears when you want to reset Physique settings by clicking Reinitialize in the Physique rollout.

    Physique initialization settings affect how envelopes are created and blending is handled. The Link Settings, Joint Intersections, and Cross Sections rollouts are used later to change default settings globally. For this reason, the Vertex-Link rollout is open when the dialog appears. This is where you determine the following default settings:

    • Whether envelopes should be used to manage the vertex-to-link assignments
    • Whether Physique uses deformable or rigid envelopes to manage the vertex-to-link assignments
    • Number of links considered for blending