Scaling a Character

Using standard 3ds Max scale transform tools, you can adjust a biped's posture by scaling the size of its links. You must be in Figure mode to scale the biped links. If you try to scale a biped without going into Figure mode, nothing happens.


To scale a biped that has a mesh attached to it by using Physique:

  1. Select the biped.
  2. On the Motion panel Biped rollout, turn on (Figure Mode).
  3. On the Structure rollout, change the biped's height.

    The biped and mesh scale together.

To reinitialize a scaled mesh:

Reinitializing a scaled mesh might be necessary if you use Initial Skeleton Pose in Physique. In this case, the mesh appears at its size before scaling. To correct for this, perform the following steps:

  1. On the Modify panel, either make Physique inactive, or highlight the skin object so the active level is below the Physique modifier in the stack.
  2. Scale and move the mesh until it matches the biped or bones.
  3. Re-enable Physique, or highlight its name once more in the stack display.

    The mesh will get large because it is doubly scaled.

  4. Reinitialize with Initial Skeleton Pose turned on.

    The mesh will shrink to the size you set during scaling.