Modifier Sets Menu
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Modify panel (Configure Modifier Sets)

The button sets menu gives you options for managing and customizing shortcut buttons for applying modifiers.


To display the current button set on the Modify panel:

To configure a new modifier set:

To change from one button set to another:


Configure Modifier Sets

Displays the Configure Modifier Sets dialog to let you create a new, customized button set.

Show Buttons

When on, buttons for the current modifier set are displayed between the modifier list and the stack display. Default=off.

Show All Sets in List

When on, the Modifier List is organized by sets. When off, the Modifier List is organized simply into World-Space Modifiers and Object-Space Modifiers, and is otherwise alphabetical except that the current set appears at the top of the list. Default=off.

Saved button sets

The bottom part of the Button Sets menu lists the names of saved button sets. Choose one of these sets to make it the current button set. The current set is displayed as buttons when Show Buttons is on. The Modifier List drop-down is organized by sets when Show All Sets In List is on.