mr Parameters Rollout (Hair And Fur)
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Select an object with the Hair And Fur modifier applied. Modify panel mr Parameters rollout

Lets you assign a mental ray shader to generate hair. 3ds Max passes the object's UV coordinate data, including map channels, to the mental ray shader; strictly speaking, the shader generates hair from this UV and mapping data, not from the object geometry itself. (Multiple map channels are supported.)

When you use a mental ray shader for hair, you must render your scene using the mental ray renderer and set the Hair And Fur render effect method to “mr prim”.

Aside from the “mr prim” option that you can choose as a render effect (see Hair And Fur Render Effect), no mental ray hair shaders are provided with 3ds Max. This feature is meant to support third-party hair shader products or custom-coded hair shaders.

NoteWhen you assign a mental ray shader, the shader controls supersede other Hair And Fur material settings. On the other hand, if you use this rollout to assign a shader that is not supported, the renderer uses the regular Hair And Fur material settings. (“Geometric” settings such as Hair Count, Hair Segments, and so on, still apply.)


Apply mr Shader

When on, lets you apply a mental ray shader to generate hair.

[shader button]

Enabled only when “Apply mr Shader” is on. Click to display a Material/Map Browser and assign the shader.

When no shader is assigned, this button is labeled “None”. When a shader is assigned, the button's label shows the shader's name.