Multi Strand Parameters Rollout (Hair And Fur)
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Select an object with the Hair And Fur modifier applied. Modify panel Multi Strand Parameters rollout

Some degree of clumping gets naturally created when you use Frizz at low frequencies, but you can go a bit further here with the Multi Strand parameters. For each hair that is normally rendered, Multi Strand renders a clump of additional hairs scattered around the original hair. The Splay settings control the degree of scattering at the roots and tips, and Multi Strand Count controls the number of hairs to create for the clump. You can use Splay to shape the clump by spreading or compressing the roots and tips.

TipFor each original hair, Multi Strand creates a cluster of hairs around that hair, offset at the bottom by the Root Splay factor. The hair is offset in the plane tangent to the root of the hair, which is not necessarily the surface of the object. To make sure Multi Strand hairs actually make contact with the surface, make the growth surface a bit smaller than the rendered surface.

1. Multi Strand Count=0, Hair Count=500

2. Multi Strand Count=10, Root Splay=0.1, Tip Splay=0.1, Hair Count=500

3. Multi Strand Count=10, Root Splay=0.4, Tip Splay=0.1, Hair Count=500

4. Multi Strand Count=10, Root Splay=0.0, Tip Splay=1.0, Hair Count=500



The number of hairs per clump.

Root Splay

Provides a random offset for each hair in a clump, at the root.

Tip Splay

Provides a random offset for each hair in a clump, at the tip.


Randomizes the size of each hair in a clump.