Edit Mesh Modifier
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Create or select an object Modify panel Modifier List Object Space Modifiers Edit Mesh

Create or select an object Modifiers menu Mesh Editing Edit Mesh

The Edit Mesh modifier provides explicit editing tools for different sub-object levels of the selected object: vertex, edge, and face/polygon/element. The Edit Mesh modifier matches all the capabilities of the base Editable Mesh object, except that you cannot animate sub-objects in Edit Mesh. See Editable Mesh for a complete parameter reference.

When possible, it’s far more efficient and reliable to perform explicit modeling at the Editable Mesh level rather than store those edits within the Edit Mesh modifier. The Edit Mesh modifier must copy the geometry passed to it, and this storage can lead to large file sizes. The Edit Mesh modifier also establishes a topological dependency that can be adversely affected if earlier operations change the topology being sent to it.

There are, however, situations where using the Edit Mesh modifier is the preferred method.

NoteCollapsing an object that has an Edit Mesh modifier applied to it results in an Editable Mesh object.