Slice Modifier
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Select an object. Modifiers menu Parametric Deformers Slice

The Slice modifier lets you create a cutting plane that slices through a mesh, creating new vertices, edges and faces based on the location of the slice plane gizmo. The vertices can either refine or split the mesh according to the selected options.

The Slice modifier slices through groups, selected objects or sub-object selections of faces. It works similarly to the Editable mesh Edge Slice function but does not require the objects to be editable meshes.

Slice cuts through the cake.

You can animate the cutting plane, changing its position and rotation over time. You can also use the Remove Top and Remove Bottom options to create the appearance and disappearance of objects by animating the Slice Plane gizmo.

Top: Original object

Middle: Object without top

Bottom: Object without bottom, respectively

Multiple Slices

To create multiple slices in an object you need to apply multiple Slice modifiers. If the geometry doesn't need to remain parametric, you can collapse it into an editable mesh and use the Slice tool available under Editable Mesh (Edge). This tool is easier to use when you need to make multiple slices in an object, but it does not stay parametric.

Warning: Slice and Sub-Object Selections

You can use Slice on sub-object selection sets by slicing or removing only the selected faces. However, because selected faces are sliced and unselected adjacent faces are not, there may be "holes" in the mesh on the edge where the slice occurs. These holes can be problematic, creating discontinuities in smoothing and rendering. Holes are created only when Operate On Faces is on.


Example: To animate the appearance of a teapot using the Slice modifier:

  1. Create a teapot primitive. Set the viewport to wireframe.
  2. Apply a Slice modifier.

    The Slice Plane gizmo appears at the base of the teapot.

  3. On the modifier stack, highlight the Slice Plane gizmo.
  4. Turn on (Auto Key), and drag the time slider to frame 100.
  5. Move the Slice Plane gizmo above the top of the teapot. Play the animation to verify that the slice plane is animated.
  6. Change the Slice type from Refine Mesh (the default) to Remove Top. Play the animation again.
  7. Make a copy of the teapot in the same position (choose Edit menu Clone and click OK to accept the default settings).
  8. Put a Wireframe material on the clone and change the Slice type on the clone to Remove Bottom.
  9. Play the animation.

    The wireframe teapot magically becomes a fully shaded one.

Example: To slice vertically through an object:

  1. Create a teapot primitive.
  2. Apply a Slice modifier.

    The Slice Plane gizmo appears at the base of the teapot.

  3. On the modifier stack, expand the Slice modifier hierarchy and highlight the Slice Plane gizmo.
  4. Move the Slice Plane gizmo so it intersects the middle of the teapot.
  5. Rotate the Slice Plane gizmo so it is vertical.
  6. Turn on Remove Top.

    The back of the teapot is sliced away.

  7. Turn on Remove Bottom.

    The front half of the teapot is sliced away.


Modifier Stack

Slice Plane

At this sub-object level, you can transform and animate the gizmo like any other object to determine where the slice occurs. Scaling the gizmo has no effect, because its extents are effectively infinite. If you need to limit the extent of the slice, use it on a sub-object selection set of faces, rather than on the entire object.

For more information on the stack display, see Modifier Stack.

Slice Parameters rollout

Slice Type

Defines how the slice plane will affect the geometry to which it has been applied.

  • Refine MeshAdds new vertices and edges along the intersection of the geometry with the slicing plane. Faces cut by the plane are subdivided into new faces.
  • Split MeshAdds a double set of vertices and edges along the plane boundary producing two separate meshes (one on either side of the slice plane), which you can modify differently if desired. Use this to break a mesh in two.
  • Remove TopDeletes all the faces and vertices above the Slice Plane.
  • Remove BottomDeletes all the faces and vertices below the Slice Plane.
Operate On

Choose one of these buttons to specify how the slice handles quads and other polygons.

  • FacesTreats the selection set as a set of triangular faces, slicing each one in turn. Outputs a mesh-type object.
  • PolygonsConverts the object to a polygon mesh based on visible edges, eliminating hidden edges. Outputs a polymesh-type object.

    Operate On Face vs. Operate On Polygon