Pick Shape Dialog (Sweep Modifier)
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Select a shape that already has a Sweep modifier applied. Modify Panel Section Type rollout Turn on Use Custom Section Click Pick Shape.

The Pick Shape dialog is displayed when you select a custom shape in the scene. This shape can be any of the splines, extended splines or NURBS curves.


To pick a custom section using the Pick Shape dialog:

  1. In a viewport,  select a shape you want to use as the underlying path of the sweep.
  2. From the Modifiers menu, open the Patch/Spline Editing menu and choose Sweep.
  3. On the Modify panel, turn on Use Custom Section in the Section Types rollout.
  4. Click (Pick Shape).3ds Max opens

    the Pick Shape dialog.

  5. Select a shape in the list, then click the Pick button.


If the scene contains multiple shapes, you can choose only one shape to be swept along the underlying spline in your scene.


These buttons are unavailable in the Pick Shape dialog.

Display Subtree

Displays the shapes in the list in an indented format. Turn this switch off to activate the Sort group options.

Select Subtree

Unavailable in the Pick Shape dialog.

Case Sensitive

When on, distinguishes between upper case and lower case for item names.

Sort group

Options allow you to sort the list on the left. When Display Subtree is on, these options are not available.


Sorts from A at the top to Z at the bottom.

By Type

While this switch is available, it has no effect because only shapes are listed in the Pick Shape dialog.

By Color

Sorts by object wireframe color. The sorting order is arbitrary; shapes of the same color are grouped together.

By Size

This switch is available but has no effect on sorting.

List Types group

Because this dialog is specifically designed to work with the Sweep modifier, the List Type group is locked to only display Shapes. Shapes is the only switch in this group that affects what is displayed.


These buttons alter the pattern of activation of the List Types options.

Selection Sets group

The Selection Sets group is unavailable in the Pick Shape dialog.