Taper Modifier
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The Taper modifier produces a tapered contour by scaling both ends of an object's geometry; one end is scaled up, and the other is scaled down. You can control the amount and curve of the taper on two sets of axes. You can also limit the taper to a section of the geometry.

Examples of default tapers


Modifier Stack


At this sub-object level, you can transform and animate the gizmo like any other object, altering the effect of the Taper modifier. Translating the gizmo translates its center an equal distance. Rotating and scaling the gizmo takes place with respect to its center.


At this sub-object level, you can translate and animate the center, altering the Taper gizmo's shape, and thus the shape of the tapered object.

For more information on the stack display, see Modifier Stack.

Moving the modifier's center changes the gizmo shape.

Parameters rollout

The Taper modifier provides two sets of axes and a symmetry setting in the Taper Axis group box of the Parameters rollout. As with other modifiers, these axes refer to the Taper gizmo, not the object itself.

Taper group


The extent to which the ends are scaled. Amount is a relative value with a maximum of 10.


Applies a curvature to the sides of the Taper gizmo, thus affecting the shape of the tapered object. Positive values produce an outward curve along the tapered sides, negative values an inward curve. At 0, the sides are unchanged. Default=0.

Taper Axis group


The central axis or spine of the taper: X, Y, or Z. Default=Z.


The axis, or pair of axes, indicating the direction of the taper from the primary axis. The available choices are determined by the choice of primary axis. The effect axis can be either of the two remaining axes, or their combination. If the primary axis is X, the effect axis can be Y, Z, or YZ. Default=XY.


Produces a symmetrical taper around the primary axis. A taper is always symmetrical around the effect axis. Default=off.

Changing the effect axis changes the effects of the modifier.

Limits group

The taper offset is applied between the upper and lower limits. The surrounding geometry, while unaffected by the taper itself, is moved to keep the object intact.

Limit Effect

Enables upper and lower limits for the taper effect.

Upper Limit

Sets the upper limit boundaries in world units from the taper center point, beyond which the taper no longer affects the geometry.

Lower Limit

Sets the lower limit boundaries in world units from the taper center point, beyond which the taper no longer affects the geometry.

Left: Limiting the effect of the taper.

Right: Using symmetry.