Normal Mapping Dialog
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Select an object. Modify panel Modifier List Object-Space Modifiers Unwrap UVW Edit button (on Parameters rollout) Mapping menu Normal Mapping

The Normal Mapping method of procedural mapping applies planar maps based on different vector-projection methods. It is the most straightforward method, but can result in even greater texture distortion than with Flatten mapping. The Normal Mapping dialog lets you control how clusters are defined and mapped.

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Sets the mapping method:

  • Back/Front
  • Left/Right
  • Top/Bottom
  • Box No Top
  • Box
  • Diamond

Controls the amount of space between clusters.

The higher this setting, the larger the gap that appears between clusters.

Normalize Clusters

Controls whether the final layout will be scaled down to 1.0 unit to fit within the standard editor mapping area. If this is turned off, the final size of the clusters will be in object space, and they'll probably be much larger than the editor mapping area. For best results, leave this turned on.

Rotate Clusters

Controls whether clusters are rotated to minimize the size of their bounding box. For instance, the bounding box of a rectangle rotated 45 degrees occupies more area than one rotated 90 degrees.

Align By Width

Controls whether the width or the height of the clusters is used to control the layout of the clusters.


Accepts the settings, closes the dialog, and performs the mapping as specified.


Undoes any changes and closes the dialog.

Set As Default

Makes the current settings the defaults for the current session.