HTML Help Viewer Toolbar

The Help Viewer toolbar contains several options.


Click this toggle to hide the Navigation pane when it is displaying, or show it when it's hidden.


Click to move to the previously viewed topic, or forward to the following previously viewed topic.


Prints the current topic (if the Topic pane is active). If the table of contents is active on the Navigation pane, you can choose to print the current topic, or the topic and its subtopics. This is a way of printing a collection of topics.


Displays the options menu:

Hide/Show Tabs

Same as Hide/Show buttons, described above.


Same as Back/Forward buttons, described above.


Displays the main topic of this online system.


Halts display of a topic.


Redraws the Help Viewer display.

Internet Options

Displays a dialog to change Internet Explorer (IE) settings. Changes you make here do not affect the online help or tutorials, but do affect your IE browser settings. We do not recommend you use this option.


Same as the Print button, described above.

Search Highlight On/Off

Toggles highlighting of each instance of a word or phrase found with a search.