Render to Texture: Baked Material Rollout
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Rendering menu Render To Texture Render to Texture dialog Baked Material rollout

Material Baking operates on the entire Render To Texture session. It is not set per individual object.

NoteWhen you use Network Rendering, the Render To Baked Material option is disabled.
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Baked Material Settings group

Output Into Source

When on, replaces any target map slot in the object’s existing material. Care should be used with this option, because the material replacement cannot be undone.

NoteIf a selected object to be rendered has a multi/sub-object material assigned to it, the workflow will not change and the results will be as follows: output into source will put the resulting map in all sub-material slots that match, instancing all identical maps, if a sub-material doesn’t have the selected output type it will be ignored; duplicate in baked will duplicate the entire Multi/Sub-Object Material into the baked material and perform the above output; create new baked will create a new single standard material.
Save Source (Create Shell)

Makes a new Shell material and assigns it to the object. When this option is turned on, you can then choose to either Duplicate Source To Baked, or to Create New Baked.

Duplicate Source To Baked

Makes a copy of the existing material as the Baked material.

Create New Baked

Puts a new material in the Baked Material slot. The type of the new material is set by the drop-down list below and subsequently determining the available Target Map Slots in the Output rollout.

Shader list

Allows you to specify a shader to be used for the newly baked texture.


Update Baked Materials

Builds a Shell material for all selected objects, and populates the baked material according to the current Render To Texture settings.

Clear Shell Materials

Removes the Shell material applied to the texture-baked object, and replaces it with either the original material or the texture-baked material.

The radio buttons below Clear Shell Materials give you a choice of which material in the Shell material to retain:

  • Keep Source MaterialsWhen chosen, the original material replaces the Shell material.
  • Keep Baked MaterialsWhen chosen, the baked material replace the Shell material.
NoteIf you have already rendered a baked texture and decide you want to render with a different shader from the list, you must first click Clear Shell Materials and then re-render.
Render to Files Only

When turned on, the baked texture files are rendered to the folder you've specified in the Output Path field of the General Settings rollout. Default=off