Activating and Deactivating Servers in the Queue

When prioritizing jobs and dividing up the network render load, you might need to pull individual servers off one job and place them on another.

When you remove a server from the current rendering job, and the server is assigned to another started or active job, it is used by that job. If the server has no further job assignments, it stops rendering.

You can assign machines that become available for network rendering to any job.

You can tell whether a server is assigned to a particular job by highlighting the job in the Queue Monitor Job list and looking at the server's icon in the Server list. If a horizontal bar appears through the server icon, then it is assigned to the job; if no bar appears, then it isn't assigned to the job.

Alternatively, just highlight the job and then click Selected Job in the Server Tree view, to list only servers assigned to that job.

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Managing Jobs in the Queue


To remove a server or servers from the highlighted rendering job or jobs:

To assign an unassigned server or servers to highlighted rendering job(s), do one of the following:

  1. Highlight the unassigned server(s) in the servers list and choose Assign To Selected Jobs from the Servers menu.
  2. Right-click the server name in the queue list to display the pop-up menu and choose Assign To Selected Jobs.