DirectX Manager Rollout
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Material Editor DirectX Manager rollout

Lets you select a DirectX viewport shader for viewing Direct3D hardware shaders. DirectX shaders require the Direct3D graphics driver, which uses DirectX. With DirectX shading, materials in a viewport more accurately represent how the material will appear in another application, or on other hardware such as a game engine.

DirectX viewport shaders are especially useful for previewing texture-baked materials.

Tip To display a material using a DirectX shader, rather than 3ds Max software, choose Show Hardware Map In Viewport from the Show Standard/Hardware Map In Viewport flyout, then click this button to turn it on.

Hardware viewport rendering requires a DirectX9.0c-compliant video card. Also, hardware viewport rendering is supported only by the Direct3D display driver. See Showing Maps in Viewports for more information.

3ds Max provides two DirectX shaders:

NoteThis rollout does not appear for Multi/Sub-Object and Shell materials, which are simply containers of other materials.
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Save as .FX File

Click to display a Save Effect File dialog that lets you save the active material as an FX file.

Enable Plugin Material

Turn on to use the chosen DirectX shader in shaded viewports. Default=off.

When not enabled, viewports continue to use the default viewport (interactive) renderer (or the ActiveShade renderer, if that has been chosen).

This toggle is unavailable if no shader plug-in has been chosen from the drop-down list, and when DX Display Of Standard Material is on.

Plug-in drop-down list

Use the drop-down list to choose a DirectX viewport shader.

The list is unavailable when DX Display Of Standard Material is on.