Specular Level Mapping
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Material Editor Standard material Maps rollout Specular Level button

You can select a bitmap file or procedural map to alter the intensity of specular highlights, based on the intensity of the bitmap. White pixels in the map produce full specular highlights. Black pixels remove the specular highlights completely, and intermediate values reduce the specular highlights accordingly.

Mapping the specular level: the sea reflects more than the land.

Mapping the specular level component is different from mapping specular color. Mapping the specular level alters the intensity of highlights, while specular mapping alters the color of highlights.

Specular level mapping usually works best when you assign the same map to both Specular Level and Glossiness. (In the Maps rollout, you can do this by dragging from one map button to another.)


To map the Specular Level value:

  1. Click the Map button for the Specular Level value.

    The Material/Map Browser is displayed.

  2. Choose from the list of map types, and then click OK.

    The Material Editor is now at the map level, and displays controls for the map parameters.

  3. Use the map controls to set up the map.