Filter Color Mapping
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Material Editor Standard material Maps rollout Filter Color button

The filter, or transmissive color, is the color transmitted through transparent or semi-transparent materials such as glass.

Mapping filter color

You can select a bitmap file or procedural map to map the filter color component. This map applies a transparent-color effect based on the intensity of the map's pixels.

You can combine a mapped filter color with volumetric lighting to create effects such as colored light through a stained-glass window. Ray-traced shadows cast by transparent objects are tinted by the filter color.


To map the filter color:

  1. Click the Map button for Filter color.

    The Material/Map Browser is displayed.

  2. Choose from the list of map types, and then click OK.

    The Material Editor is now at the map level, and displays controls for the map parameters.

  3. Use the map controls to set up the map.