Templates Rollout
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Material Editor Architectural material Templates rollout

The Templates rollout gives you a list of material types to choose from. A template is simply a set of preset parameters for the Physical Qualities rollout, which approximates the kind of material you want to create, and gives you a starting point. Once you choose a template, you can adjust its settings and add maps to enhance realism and improve the material's appearance.

The templates do not affect the Diffuse Color on the Physical Qualities rollout, only the numeric settings.


Template drop-down list

Chooses the kind of material you are designing. Each template provides preset values for the various material parameters.

These are the material templates provided with 3ds Max. The purpose of most templates is clear, so the table doesn't comment on all of them.

Template Comments
Ceramic Tile - Glazed  
Glass - Clear  
Glass - Translucent  
Ideal Diffuse A neutral white material
Masonry A good base for a diffuse map
Metal Shiny and reflective
Metal - Brushed Less shiny
Metal - Flat Even less shiny
Metal - Polished Highly shiny
Mirror Completely shiny
Paint Flat Another neutral white material
Paint Gloss Also white, but shiny
Paint Semi-Gloss Also white, only slightly shiny
Paper - Translucent  
Stone A good base for a diffuse map
Stone Polished Has a bit of shininess; also a good base for a diffuse map
User Defined Neutral; a good base for a diffuse map
User-Defined Metal Somewhat shiny; also a good base for a diffuse map
Water Completely clear and shiny
Wood Unfinished Neutral; a good base for a map
Wood Varnished