Compound Materials

Compound materials combine two or more sub-materials. Compound materials are similar to compositor maps, but they exist at the material level. Applying a compound material to an object creates a compound effect that often uses mapping. You load or create compound materials using the Material/Map Browser.

Using a filter control, you can choose whether the Browser lists maps or materials or both.

Different types of materials create different effects, behave in particular ways, or are provided as ways to combine multiple materials.

NoteThe sub-material buttons and sub-map buttons for most materials and maps have check boxes beside each button. These let you turn that branch of the material or map on or off. For example, in the Top/Bottom material, the Top Material and Bottom Material buttons each have check boxes. Similarly, the Checker map has two map buttons, one for each color. Each button has a check box beside it that lets you disable that color's map.