Particle MBlur Map
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The Particle MBlur (Motion Blur) map is for use with particle systems. The map alters the opacity of the leading and trailing ends of particles based on their rate of motion. The map is usually applied as an opacity map, but you can use it as a diffuse map for special effects.

Particle MBlur makes particles blur as they move.

NoteThe Particle MBlur map does not display in viewports.

The following conditions must be in effect to achieve particle motion blur:


Color #1

A particle approaches this color as it reaches its slowest speed. By default, this color is white to provide the opaque end of the range for an opacity map.

Color #2

A particle approaches this color as it speeds up. As a default, this color is black to provide transparency in an opacity map.

Typically, you don't need to change either of these two colors.


Controls the transparency, relative to the speed. If Sharpness is set to 0, the entire particle is blurry and transparent, no matter how slow it is traveling. The default works well in many cases. Default=2.0.