Perlin Marble Map
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The Perlin Marble map generates a marble pattern using the Perlin Turbulence algorithm. This map is an alternative to Marble, which is also a 3D material.

Perlin marble used for the texture of the goblet

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Sets the size of the marble pattern. Change this to change the scale of marble, relative to the object's geometry. Default=50.


Sets the number of times the turbulence algorithm is applied. Can range from 1.0 to 10.0. The higher the value, the more complicated the marble pattern. Default=8.0.

Color 1 and Color 2 groups

The controls in these groups are identical. They determine the two main colors of the marble.

Color swatch

Click to display the Color Selector. and change the color.


Click to assign a map instead of a solid color. The check box turns the map on or off.


Controls the saturation of the color in the map, without altering the color displayed in the color swatch. Lower values darken the color, and higher values lighten it. Range=1 to 100; Default=85 for Color 1, 70 for Color 2.


Click to swap Color 1 and Color 2.