Splat Map
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Splat is a 3D map that generates a fractal surface pattern that is useful as a Diffuse map for creating a pattern similar to splattered paint.

Splat map used for the patterns in ice cream

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Adjusts the size of the splats. Use this to make the splats match your geometry. Default=40.

# Iterations

Sets the number of times the fractal function is evaluated. The higher the number, the more detailed the splats, but the longer the calculation time. Default=4.


Determines how much of Color #1 is mixed with Color #2. At 0, only Color #1 is displayed; at 1, only Color #2 is displayed. Default=0.2.


Exchanges the two color components.

Color #1

Represents the color of the background.

Color #2

Represents the color of the splats.

Click one of the swatches to display the Color Selector and change one of these colors.


Assigns a map to replace one of the color components. Turning off the check box turns off the associated map (the Splat map reverts to the associated color component).