mental images Shader Libraries
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Material Editor Material/Map Browser Choose a mental ray shader other than a custom 3ds Max shader or a lume shader.

Note: Shaders appear in the Browser only if the mental ray renderer is the currently active renderer.

The shaders provided with standard libraries from mental images are meant for use with the mental ray renderer. There are three standard libraries: Base Shaders (base.mi), Physics Shaders (physics.mi), and Contour Shaders (contour.mi).

NoteIn the mental image libraries, the names of base shaders have the prefix “mib_” and the names of contour shaders have the prefix “contour_”. These prefixes don't appear in the 3ds Max user interface or in the table that follows. (Names of physics shaders have no conventional prefix.)

The following table lists the mental images library shaders provided with 3ds Max.

TipWhen you follow a link to the documentation for mental images library shaders, scroll up a bit in your browser. The links tend to go directly to the shader's declaration code, and often there are some introductory paragraphs directly above the code. If the link goes to the beginning of a section, scroll down instead.
Shader Library
Ambient/Reflective Occlusion base
Combi contour
Contour Composite contour
Contour Contrast Function Levels contour
Contour Only contour
Contour PS (PostScript) contour
Contour Store Function contour
Curvature contour
Depth Fade contour
Photon physics
Dielectric base
Factor Color contour
Layer Thinner contour
Light Infinite base
Light Point base
Light Spot base
Opacity base
Parti Volume physics
Photon Basic base
Reflect base
Refract base
Shadow Transparency base
Simple contour
Texture Remap base
Texture Rotate base
Texture Wave base
Transmat physics
Transmat Photon physics
Transparency base
Two Sided base
Width From Color contour
Width From Light contour
Width From Light Dir contour
NoteYou can also access the mental images shader help by choosing Help Additional Help, opening the mental ray 3.6 Reference, and then highlighting mental ray Shader Reference on the Contents panel.