Troubleshooting Video Post

While Video Post offers many useful functions and creative effects, invariably you will set up a queue that looks like it should work or even appears to render correctly only to give you an animation that does not include the desired effect. Here are some troubleshooting tips to reference when a queue just isn't doing what you expect.

There are two key things that can cause a Video Post queue to fail. The first is incorrect ordering and nesting of events in the queue. The second is faulty positioning and/or overlapping of the range bars.

When you come up again a problem, especially if you're attempting to set up a very complex queue, the best way to diagnose the problem is to create a new queue that should only result in the effect that is failing. If you can get the simplified queue to work, you can compare it to the structure of the failing queue to see what might be out of order.

Here are two very common scenarios that look like they should work but ultimately don't give you the result you expected. These examples are shown in their simplified state, but could very easily be buried in more complex queues.