Manual Secondary Flare Parameters
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Rendering menu Video Post Video Post toolbar (Add Image Filter Event) Choose Lens Effects Flare from Filter Plug-In list. Setup M Sec tab

Manual secondary flares are additional secondary flares that are individually added to the lens flare. These can be used in addition to, or in place of automatic secondary flares.

You use Manual secondary flares when you want to add unique flares that you don't want repeated.

You can have groups of secondary flares, instead of just one set. Many of the controls in this dialog are for a specific set of flares, not all sets.



Controls the size, as a percentage of the overall image, of the manual secondary lens flare. This parameter can be animated.


Controls the distance, in degrees, between the flare source and the manual secondary flare. By default, the flare plane exists at the center of the chosen node source. Positive values place the flare in front of the source, while negative values place the flare behind the flare source. This parameter can be animated.

TipIn live camera work, there are often one or two secondary elements behind the light source, so you should have one or two as well.

Turns manual secondary flares on or off. This option must be selected in both the Manual Secondary and Preferences tabs for the manual secondary flares to render.


Specifies whether or not the current set of secondary flares has axial fade.


Specifies which set of secondary flares you are working with. You can have as many sets of manual secondary elements as you wish, each having their own properties. By default, seven sets are available. You can scroll through them by clicking the forward and reverse arrow buttons next to the name of the set.

To add another set to your flare, click the Add button beneath the On check box. To delete a set, click the Del button.


Specifies the gradation of color of secondary flares. This parameter can be animated.


Specifies how to scale secondary flares. This parameter can be animated.


This menu controls the overall shape of the secondary flares.


Defines the gradient for the secondary flare.