Cross Fade Compositor
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Rendering menu Video Post Video Post window Make sure the two child events are in the order you want the Image Layer event to use them. Select the two events. Video Post toolbar (Add Image Layer Event) Choose Cross Fade Compositor from the Layer Plug-in list.

Rendering menu Video Post Video Post window Select a Cross Fade Compositor. Video Post toolbar (Edit Current Event)

The Cross Fade compositor composites the two images over time, cross-fading from the background image to the foreground image. The rate of the cross fade is determined by the length of the Cross Fade Transition filter's time range.

Cross Fade fades one image into another over time.

There are no setup options for this compositor.


To use the Cross Fade Compositor:

  1. Add two Scene or Image Input events to the queue.
  2. Select both events and assign an Image Layer event consisting of the Cross Fade Compositor.