Simple Additive Compositor
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Rendering menu Video Post Video Post window Make sure the two child events are in the order you want the Image Layer event to use them. Select the two events. Video Post toolbar (Add Image Layer Event) Choose Simple Additive Compositor from the Layer Plug-in list.

Rendering menu Video Post Video Post window Select a Simple Additive Compositor. Video Post toolbar (Edit Current Event)

The Simple Additive compositor composites the two images using the second image's intensity (HSV value) to determine transparency. Areas of full intensity (255) are opaque; areas of zero intensity are transparent; and areas with intermediate transparency are translucent.

Additive compositing

This layer event can be useful when the second image is a bitmap whose format does not have an alpha channel.

There are no setup options for this compositor.


To use the Simple Additive Compositor:

  1. Add two Scene or Image Input events to the queue.
  2. Select both events and assign an Image Layer event consisting of the Simple Additive Compositor.