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Application menu Save As

Save As lets you save the current scene file in MAX or CHR format under a different file name.

A CHR file is a character file saved with Save Character. For more information on the CHR file format, see Character Assembly and Save Character.

Note3ds Max lets you number saved files incrementally and make automatic backup files at specified time intervals. The options to set up Increment On Save and Backup On Save are on the Files panel of the Preference Settings dialog.
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To save a file to a different name:

  1. Choose Application menu Save As.
  2. Do one of the following:
    • Enter a name in the File Name field.
    • Click (Increment button).

To save a file to a previous version:

  1. Choose Application menu Save As.
  2. Choose “3ds Max 2010 (.max)” from the Save As Type drop-down list.


The Save File As dialog has standard Windows file save controls. At the right, the Thumbnail area shows a preview of the scene whose file name is highlighted in the list on the left.

TipYou can resize the dialog by dragging an edge or a corner.

Clicking the plus button appends a sequence number to the file name you entered, or increments the sequence number if the name already has one, and then saves the file to that name.

For example, if you have highlighted a file named test00.max, clicking the plus button changes the name to test01.max and then saves test01.max.