External References (XRefs)

You can use two kinds of externally referenced files (XRefs): XRef Objects and XRef Scenes. Using these external references allows for a team approach to animation, where the modeling, materials, transform controllers, and animation can be handled in separate files by different artists. It can also make large files much easier to deal with through the use of proxy objects.

You access the XRef Objects and XRef Scenes commands from the Application menu.

The two types of references have distinct purposes:

The use of referenced objects and scenes allows several people to work collaboratively on the same objects as the work progresses, without having to wait for the objects to be finalized. You can choose to have the objects update automatically, as soon as changes are saved to the original file, or to update manually, on demand.

There are also tools for easy conversion of scene objects into referenced objects, and a button to merge referenced objects into the scene as normal objects.

Objects in a scene can be externally referenced, created and maintained by other users.