Proxy Object Rollout
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Select an XRef object. Modify panel Proxy Object rollout

When you've selected an XRef object in a scene, the Proxy Object rollout appears along with the XRef Object rollout on the Modify panel. Use these controls to specify a low-resolution object to replace the original XRef object for easier handling in the viewports, and optionally for test rendering.



When on, displays the specified proxy object in the viewports. When off, displays the original XRef object. Note: If you turn this on when no proxy object has been specified, the XRef object appears in the viewports as a small X.

Use in Rendering

When on, the proxy object is also displayed in the rendering. When off, the original XRef object is rendered.

File Name field

Specify the path and file name of the scene file containing the proxy object.

Path button

Click to display the Open File dialog from which you can specify the scene file containing the proxy object.

Object Name field

Specifies the name of the proxy object in the specified scene.

Path button

Click to display the XRef Merge dialog listing the objects in the specified scene file. From here, you can select an object to be used as the proxy.